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DIY Dining Room Table Centerpiece | Simple Rustic Wooden Box

DIY Dining Room Table Centerpiece | Simple Rustic Wooden Box

by Michelle Heim
My Little Distressed Life 

I always struggle with getting just the right look for the centerpiece on my dining room table.  Candles, faux floral arrangements, and table runners are always a great place to start.  For most families the dining room is either a staple space in the home or it becomes just another room to dust.  In my previous house, we never--NOT EVER-- used our dining room table.  The only action the table saw was my children scurrying under the legs and using the space as a tunnel.  In my new house, I have a kitchen that opens into the dining room (and we still don't use it). Where do we eat you ask?  Well I am usually standing eating whatever is left over on my kids’ plates and my husband usually just snacks.  I never claimed to have a completely functional family life.  But one of my New Year’s Resolutions was to make more family time.  Since I need a dining room table that is both functional and mostly informal, I was desperately looking for something that I could use on the table that we didn't have to move every single time we ate.  In my designs, I always strive for two things: form and function.  I hate spending a ton of money on decor...I do have toddlers and I get tired of things very quickly.  After searching for a month, yielding zero results, I decided I was just going to make a simple wood box for the dining room table which would allow me to change the contents and the look seasonally.  This piece is one you can size to fit your table and it costs next to nothing to make.  This DIY centerpiece box is the perfect easy-to-make versatile project this weekend!


Unfinished 1” pine board

Wood Stain

Cotton rag


Tools Needed:

Saw (or use your local Lowe's or Home Depot's free cutting service!!)

Measuring Tape

Nails or Nail Gun

Wood Glue (optional)


As Shown:

3 wood pieces cut to - 1” x 6”wide x 27” length (Home Depot sells 1”x 6” in various lengths)

2 wood pieces cut to - 1”x 6”wide x 7” length

First determine the length and height of the box.  Laying the measuring tape on the table to visualize the length is helpful.  Once you have determined the appropriate length, do the same for the width.  Remember you will be adding on 3/4 inch to each side lengthwise and to the width when you put the ends and sides of the box on so when you are measuring take into consideration those 1.5 inches).  Measure your wood and using a pencil make your cut marks.  First cut the 3 pieces you will use for the sides and for the bottom.  

DIY Table Centerpiece

Now that you have have cut three pieces that are equal in length, place two pieces upright on the table to make sure that the length will work.  Use this to also verify the width of your centerpiece box as well. If all looks good measure and cut the two small end pieces. Sand all edges.  

Farmouse DIY Distressed Centerpiece

The first piece you will need is the bottom piece, one of the three long pieces.  Use a little line of wood glue on the edges of the piece to help hold the wood together if your cuts are not 100% straight (optional).  Use a hammer and nails or a nail gun to secure the sides of the box to the bottom.  Three or four finishing nails spaced evenly should work.  You will now take the two smallest pieces and add the pieces to the ends (again, optional line of wood glue down the sides of the wood lengths) Secure the two sides with 2 finishing nails evenly spaced on each side--6 nails total for each end.   Super easy right!?

Unfinished Pine Box

With your box complete, you will use a cotton rag to apply the wood stain, following the directions on your specific stain.  Be sure to not use too much stain on the rag.  Raw wood soaks up the stain quickly and any drops or streaks will soak into the wood and may appear after the stain dries.  Stain the inside and outside, even the bottom of the wooden centerpiece box.  Allow the box to dry for 24 hours before placing the box on your table.  

Dining Room Table Centerpiece Do It Yourself

March 12, 2017 by Bonnie DiCocco
Confessions of a Trainwreck Mommy

Confessions of a Trainwreck Mommy

Confessions of a Trainwreck Mommy
by Reese A. Vinson

If you can't relate to my super-power (ie: human trainwreck), I'm sure you would at least recognize me in an instant. I'm the mom who hasn't figured out that church starts at the same time every Sunday, and it's usually an even number.  The mom who gets a parking ticket at story time because I totally forgot to put money in the meter. I'm the one wearing the fresh coffee stain, apologizing to a friend for being late for yet another play date... And I'm not proud of the number of times I've accidentally walked into something while holding my sweet baby!!

But I'm not talking about the adorable kind of self-described trainwreck you see on tv; the beautiful teens/Bachelor contestants who keep telling everyone how awkward they are- blushing away their clumsiness and pretending not to think everyone is falling in love with them... There's nothing cute about how it feels when you try every day (or at least most days) to keep it together and the end result is always a combination of tardy, stained(food/drink/don't ask), and forgotten (phone/wallet/socks/kid <-- worst case scenario).  But at some point I realized that maybe living life as a walking disaster is just part of a grand brain surgery, only it's ok to show up late for it.

I won't pretend to have any research to back my claim, but I did see a blog post recently about how everyone should have a Hot Mess Mom for a friend... (naturally I saw that post, because I was tagged in it) ...but I was tagged with love by a close friend, and I took great pride as I read it. The gist of that post was that the friend you have that never has it together has a lot more to offer than what meets the eye. (Here's a link for the whole thing:

I loved reading about the virtues of the 'hot mess' friend, because I definitely recognized them in myself: not judgey, exceptionally genuine, fabulous alibi, etc. But what I loved more than anything was the realization that I'm not the only one of my kind...!! So I wanted to offer the other side of that perspective, to help explain how it feels to be that mom who really REALLY wants to set a good example for her kid- as soon as she can find her car keys so they can make it out the door less than 15 minutes late...

One of my more profound train wrecks (as a parent) took place recently in the Target make-up aisle.

 I had just taken my almost 2 year old to toddler time at the Botanical Garden, and I needed to grab 2 things from the store on our way home. (Neither of which was in the make-up aisle). My daughter was happy. She had a fun morning, a full stomach, and we still had a solid 45 minutes before nap-time, so it wasn't completely unreasonable to think she could keep it together for 10 of them... But as we passed the make-up aisle, our magical morning quickly went up in smoke. Because the make-up aisle has so many bright colors and fun shapes! And for some ridiculous reason, this particular make-up aisle has all of the lipstick at a perfect toddler arms' length. So on our way to grab an avocado and paper towels, my child took a detour to hurl herself towards the lipstick, grabbing as many as she possibly can, and ripping the lids off (plastic wrap and all) to shmeer all over her face while I watched in horror.

If you're wondering why I was just watching, the simple answer is that I was totally shocked. I don't wear lipstick unless it's like Christmas, (who needs lipstick at toddler time?!) so it never occurred to me that my daughter would know what it was, or how to use it!!  And on the other hand, I was caught between a rock ('wanting to be a good parent') and a hard place  ('not wanting it to look like child abuse'). {This, in my non-expert opinion, is the most commonly visited place in public parenting, and it's a terrible one!!} I knew that if I tried to take the lipstick, she would fight back, and I would have to restrain her, which would involve a lot of flailing, and could potentially hurt her AND look awful to any witnesses. But I also knew that if I had to buy every lipstick she opened, the store would quickly find insufficient funds in my checking account with which to pay...  

So I did what any excellent mother would do, and I used my body as a  shield to protect the lipstick from her tiny hands.  Within seconds, this initiated a meltdown like nothing I'd ever seen.(Imagine a ski slope yard sale, add lipstick and tears, and turn up the volume!!)  And while it may seem like I'd been defeated by a person who was literally 1/30 my age...In that moment I felt like I had almost won, because all I had to do now was clean up the mess in aisle 9, and scoop up the kid for a quick sprint to the produce section (paper towels were now a luxury we could forego) and check out.

But before I could even begin my dissent towards the finish line, I suddenly realized the judgment that had become palpable coming from all sides. There were no friendly smiles or knowing nods. No standard one-liners from well-meaning parents. Only looks of sheer horror at my child who was (still) face-down on the floor with an open tube of lipstick in one hand screaming bloody murder. 

I felt so much shame- for the first few seconds. But then I realized...who WERE these people?!? Was it "expert parents with perfect kids" shopping day at Target and they forgot to tell the rest of us not to come?? Because like 4 of the 20 Honorable Judge Jane's had kids with them, and I'm sure it was their expert parenting that resulted in quiet, well-behaved children who were sitting on their bright red pedestals (with their little safety belts still buckled) judging my yard sale. And maybe that's the case. Maybe it takes excellent parents to raise children who do- actually-always behave with dignity in public, and it wasn't just a good day. And in that case, I hope they all get a certificate of achievement from Target...or from the national association of retailers or WHOEVER for nailing parenting!! But While I can admire and respect whatever theory these moms and dads have subscribed to- it's clearly lost on me. So I can accept the fact that I'll never get that certificate, and I don't need it. I'm so far from perfect, and my sweet child is right there with me, but she sure is cute, and God knows she means well...!! 

So in that moment, I forgot about the finish line and the avocado and just sat down on the floor with my daughter. I put the 2 most obviously damaged lipsticks aside to purchase, and when she lifted her tiny wet face off the ground to look at me with crocodile tears in her eyes, I smiled at her and said "you look beautiful." And I meant it!! Four shades of lipstick, hair matted to her forehead, and dirty floor funk on her beet red cheeks...and still the prettiest face I've ever seen. And the hug she gave me right then meant more than any certificate could ever compare to. In that moment I remembered that her tiny brain is growing perfectly to make her a strong, smart, independent woman, and all she needed was to feel loved and safe...and THAT is something I can do!!

We did eventually get the avocado, and next Christmas I'll have 2 new shades of semi-flattened lipstick to choose from... but I left Target that day with something else: the knowledge of how it felt to be mortified in public and judged by strangers for the one job I thought I was doing really well. That day I made a promise to myself to always be the parent I'd wished to see in that moment... with a gentle smile, a cheesy joke, a knowing glance or even (heaven forbid!) a helping hand. If I ever see a mom on the floor of any make-up aisle, I promise I'll get on my hands and knees with her and help put the caps back on the lipsticks....because I know how much it would have meant to me if just one person had shown me any kindness.

And the reason I know about those one-liners and knowing smiles is because I've been given so many of them over the past 2 years. (Well, that and unsolicited advice from strangers but I digress). Really, in most situations I've found myself as a mom, I've almost always felt uplifted or supported- so that day at Target was a rare exception, and an important lesson for me: that some people are self righteous A- holes, and their opinions mean diddly squat.

To all of the parents who may read this and worry about the many diseases my daughter was exposed to whilst on the floor that day, I can ease your fears by assuring you that her immune system has been thoroughly conditioned over the course of many public floors and restrooms by this point. But I also want you to know how much I respect and admire the way you make it look easy to have it all together. I can make light of my own flaws as a parent (ok, 'person'), but I'll never take away from how hard I know you work, and the awesome job you're doing!! 

And to all of the other train wreck moms & dads out there, I hope that you know your worth. We have such an important role in this life, and it's not just making everyone else look good... (you're welcome, friends!!) Our job is to bring light and levity to even the most obnoxious of days, because we've survived enough wreckage by now to stop taking it all so seriously. And more importantly, our job is to raise charming young children who laugh more often than most, and grow up to be slightly more pretentious than we will ever be, because they won't want to be that trainwreck parent who embarrassed them so many times over the years!! 

Cheers between disasters!!

February 07, 2017 by Bonnie DiCocco
Valentine's DIY: Simple, Vintage, Distressed Mason Jars

Valentine's DIY: Simple, Vintage, Distressed Mason Jars

We are so excited to have guest blogger, Michelle Renee, of My Little Distressed Life, joining us for Valentine's Day!  This is the first of many DIY blogs she is working on exclusively for Driftwood Market this spring!


Valentine’s Day:  The Gift of Gratitude

I was never huge fan of Valentine’s Day.  Growing up, I remember counting the Valentine’s cards I received in school and the anxiety of whether I was going to get one from a crush or from anyone, for that matter. The prettiest and most popular girls were always the happiest—arms full of flowers, bears, candies, and cards. Meanwhile, some awkward teenagers like myself were furtively disguising our handwriting to send ourselves secret admirer cards.   I regarded this holiday as much-ado about nothing and boycotted it all those years ago.  Now that I am a mom, my boys are in preschool and have started to talk about Valentine’s Day with them.  I began thinking this might be a great opportunity to shape my children’s perception about the holiday and to create our own version of Valentines. I have decided it is a wonderful way to begin to teach my boys about gratitude.  My children are so loved and this would be a perfect time for them to let the ones who love them dearly know how grateful we for their love.  Gratitude is one of those emotions that does not come hardwired, we must teach and model it.  I believe that if we do not teach our children to express or model certain emotions we cannot expect them to intuitively be, say for instance, grateful or to express gratitude.  The Disney movie “Inside Out” is actually based on research.  Yup, brain-science.  Researcher Eric Jensen identifies sadness, joy, disgust, anger, surprise, and fear as the emotions that are hardwired in our DNA (Eric Jensen, Teaching with Poverty in Mind).  Emotions like gratitude, empathy, optimism and compassion are learned.  And learn they shall!

Do It Yourself Valentine's Decor


Since I am an educator by trade and a DIYer at heart, I put on my teacher hat and fired up my glue gun. My boys and I are going to be painting these cute little mason jars, filling them with candies, and putting a message inside.


We are going to let those who love us, including all of our quirks and imperfections, know how grateful we are that they love us anyway.  I am having the boys tell me why they are grateful for each of our Valentines.  Cute example: my three year old son is grateful that his Nonni always makes him special soup and buys him the best cozy pajamas.  It makes him feel so special.  So, we are writing these messages and putting them inside our mason jars.  Valentine’s Day, for us, will be about gratitude, not only is it a great teachable opportunity but it means so much more than a card and a box of chocolates.  


Driftwood Market DIY Mason Jars Now that I have decided that Valentine’s Day IS going to be a “thing” at my house, I realize that I have ZERO décor.  That simply cannot be.  I had some left over spray painted branches I used for Christmas décor and placed them into a clear vase.  A quick Michael’s trip yielded these simply adorable pink glitter heart ornaments.  I hung the hearts on my branches and viola, it’s feeling more festive already!  I also cut out some hearts and hung a long piece twine across an open frame, added a few pieces of tape, and presto—Valentine’s garland.  I grabbed my candlesticks from the cupboard and on the table, they went.  I think I am truly warming to the idea of Valentine’s.



 Want to make these adorable mason jars?


  • paint
  • scissors
  • foam brushes
  • twine
  • sand paper
  • pencil
  • painter’s tape
  • card stock
  • mason jars

Time to get started!  Cut out a piece of card stock in the shape of a heart to use as a template on the jars.  After you’ve crafted the perfect heart, use the pencil to trace the heart design onto the front of the mason jars.  Easy, right?!  You can also go ahead and use the painter’s tape to tape off the mason jars you wish to paint stripes on.  I used the painter’s tape to help get straight edges and  to space the stripes evenly (if that’s your thing ;-).  Put on the first coat of paint and let it dry, for both the heart and stripe jars, painting all of the space outside of the hearts and in the space between the painter’s tape on the stripe jars.  (Don’t worry if you paint over the tape-it will all peel off!)  Once the first color was added and I removed the tape, it was easy to paint the blank spots in the corresponding color because the paint acted as  a natural barrier now that one color was already on the jars.  I then cut the twine, the length equal to three times around the mouth of the jars as I was waiting for the jars to dry.  When the paint dries completely,  lightly sand the jars to distress them to your liking.  Finally, tie the twine around the mouth of the jars for the perfect finishing touch!  And there you have it: SIMPLE, VINTAGE, DISTRESSED Valentine’s mason jars to use for gift giving or decorating this February!

Michelle Renee is a fantastic DIYer with exquisite taste.  Follow her decor and design on IG  here:

You can also check out her {beautiful} website for more of her remodel projects-we highly recommend it!!!

February 01, 2017 by Bonnie DiCocco
Turning Lemons Into Lemonade | Driftwood Market Gets New College Park Location

Turning Lemons Into Lemonade | Driftwood Market Gets New College Park Location

In life, we have a choice to let unfortunate circumstances define us, or rise above them and use them as the inciting incident to fuel bigger and better things. This choice is one, that can define us as human beings and one that also allows others a glimpse into our souls. All too often, it's far easier to give up, cry out against the injustice and remain unchanged for the better, despite the opportunity that exists.

As many of you have heard, we were just given a two week notice of Artegon's impending closure. Yes. a. two. week. notice. For so many of us, there were indelible blood, sweat and tears poured into our stores at Artegon. And in addition to the heart that went into building each and every one, there were large monetary investments. Driftwood Market completed our build out and opened at Artegon on November 18th, 2016, at which time mall execs gave absolutely no indication that in just 2 short months, the mall would be ceasing operations completely. In fact, at that time, it was 'sold' to us that the mall had plans for expansion, bringing in an artisan food wing in 2017 and by the end of the year, would rival the Chelsea Market in New York. The ceasing of operations on January 26th, was never uttered.  When tenants were given notice on January 12th, to vacate by January 26th, absolutely no reason was given for the closure. It was said that, at that time, the property had NOT been sold. A potential sale we were all aware of, but assured that Artegon would remain in operation despite any sale. Shame on you, Lightstone Corporation and Paragon Outlets. Shame on you. These are people's lives. Not to be confused with pawns in your corporate game of chess. Many of the losses from this act of extremely poor business are far greater than those of Driftwood Market, and for them, my heart breaks. Despite the losses we've suffered as a result, I can't and won't let this define me or the business I have worked so hard in creating over the past few years.  I am simply choosing to see this as a blessing in disguise, paving the path to bigger and better things for Driftwood Market. Holding onto the anger and dwelling on the injustice of Lightstone's actions, I simply cannot.

Driftwood Market will absolutely turn these lemons into lemonade and as such, I am incredibly excited to announce that we've partnered with The Shoppes of College Park to bring you the best gift boutique in Central Florida! The store, located at 2308 Edgewater Drive, will continue to be an eclectic mix of gifts for every occasion. Expanding our designer apparel and vintage home decor lines is something we've been working on for quite some time and we couldn't be more excited to introduce Donna Price's refinished vintage furniture pieces to the store. I cannot thank Silvia and Jim Lakey enough for believing in Driftwood Market and inviting us to join them in their venture. So, cheers to new beginnings and many prayers that all of Artegon's vendors come out bigger and better on the flip side!
Driftwood Market Shoppes of College Park Gift Boutique
January 25, 2017 by Bonnie DiCocco
"Encourage each other and build one another up" 1 Thess 5:11

"Encourage each other and build one another up" 1 Thess 5:11

One of my favorite things to do, as a business owner, is help other small businesses who are right where I was a few years ago.  In the middle of sleepless nights readying your business, perfecting your product.  Trying to figure out how to 'do it right' while struggling to stay afloat.  Standing in front of your audience with more questions than answers.  I get it.  The path is tough.  But don't give up!  Instead, let's help each other succeed!

As a boutique owner, I have a love for all things accessories!  As such, I came across this cute little boutique called Gemini Rose Co on Instagram, and immediately fell in love with their bows!  Within the week, we had a cute package at our doorstep and my girls became Gemini Rose lovers instantly!  See some of the adorableness below and show them some Insta love!  @geminiroseco

November 02, 2016 by Bonnie DiCocco
The 6 Things I Learned From A Toxic Friendship

The 6 Things I Learned From A Toxic Friendship

I recently read a quote that struck a cord with me and it read a little something like this: When a toxic person can no longer control you, they will try to control how others see you.  But before I delve in, let me give you a bit of background on how I got here.

For someone like me who truly enjoys social interaction, loves planning big parties and adores my friends as family, it has taken me a long time to get here.  A really long time.  But, here I am, staring a toxic sociopath in the face.  The journey has been one of immense heart break. It was a journey that occupied my thoughts endlessly and kept me awake more nights than I can count. But it was a journey full of so much growth and self discovery, so not all is lost.  Thank sweet Jesus I was finally handed the scissors that allowed me to cut this toxic sociopath from my life and begin this journey of enlightenment.

When I make a friend, I do so assuming it's for life.  Let's be honest: we're all busy.  Too busy to fake friendships or make small talk.  If I let you in, I LET YOU IN. You're included in family dinners and holidays.  I will fight for and defend you, endlessly. We can do the PTA together, play dates, or talk once a month.  I have all sorts of friendships.  Each of which is beautiful and unique.  Some need more tending while others flow seamlessly from year to year, without effort.  An effort I give freely and get so incredibly much more in return. I forge friendships, not expecting reciprocity or anything at all really, I simply enjoy people.  I love interaction, learning from others, gaining various opinions and seeing things through other's eyes.  Eyes that are often more well versed than my own.

When I met this person, we made fast friends.  We spent countless hours together, our families included.  But the path I traveled down with this person quickly became a black hole, sucking me into their miserable, jealous insecurities, draining me mentally and emotionally.  It took me to a bad place although I was completely unaware of this person's negative effect on my life.  Their fault?  Absolutely not!  It was no one's fault but my own for not originally having the foresight to call a spade a spade!  I ignored my occasional inklings and glimpses into this person's real self.  I made excuses for them and ignored my intuition.  I am cursed by my tendency to give more grace than is ever deserved. I seldom take off my rose colored glasses.  I like my bubble-it's comfy in here. Ignorance is bliss.  Or so 'they' say.

I've thought ad nauseam about all of the signs I missed:

This person derives all of their pleasure, not from within, but, from the misery and belittling of others.  I gave grace.

This person seldom went without a drink in hand and far too often got nasty {really nasty} while in their 'altered state'.  Again, I gave grace because I too love a good drink as much as the next person.

This person tried, with gossip and lies, to control all of the relationships around them.  This person tried to control who I hung out with and the view others had of me.  I can't say I'm guilty of giving grace here.  I was simply ignorant. So naive.  While I questioned how this person could speak so ill of other people, yet still hang out with them, it never ever occurred to me that I too was one of 'those' people.

This person plays the victim like no other. Classic toxicity. Who knew?

This person preyed on the weak and insulted, not only people's character, but their physical appearances.  I had enough.

So, here I'm left with this toxic sociopath staring me in the face.  I know that cutting them off is going to be far more work that I ever bargained for, but I have to do it.  For myself.

At this point, I fully expected them to resort to their usual tactics, but little did I know that a smear campaign was already being run, behind my back.  Remember that rose colored glasses thing?  Yeah, that.  I thought our friendship was different. Surely this person wasn't speaking about me like they do everyone else, right? Who was I kidding? Toxic people are incapable of real friendships. The insecurity, jealousy and manipulative tendencies stop them in their tracks.

The smear campaign that, unbeknownst to me, began quite early into our friendship, then became a complete gutting.  My character was being dragged through the mud and lies were being spread like wildfire.  Wholly ridiculous lies. Because remember that quote that sparked all of this?  When a toxic person can no longer control you, they will try to control how others see you.

That's one of the most unfortunate pieces of my whole experience with a toxic friendship.  That I have absolutely no control over the things others were made to believe about me.  Nor am I even privy to the extent of this person's reach.  By no stretch of the imagination am I trying to convince you that I'm incapable of rubbing folks the wrong way. Certainly, I am.  I'm loud.  Sarcastic. I overshare. With my personality, you'll either love or hate me. I'm OK with that.  I'm OK with it when I am the one responsible for other's opinions.  

I struggled for so long with how I should proceed.  How do I right my name?  Do I expose this person?  The vindictive piece of me wanted to tell everyone what I was dealing with.  I wanted to share with everyone the {God} awful things that this person said behind their backs.  Do I show people this person's texts?  Have one on one conversations with the people I know they've intentionally used against me? Nope.  I decided it was best to let them set them self on fire.  If it happened with me, history would most certainly repeat itself.  Little did I know, it was slowly happening all around me.  The dots were being connected, with absolutely no help from me.

Although the situation was and still is incredibly awful.  Not all good was lost.  I have learned so many valuable life lessons to pass down to my girls when the time comes.

1.  Everyone isn't your friend.  People pretend well.  Be kind anyways. Check.

2.  It's OK to cut people out of your life.  In fact, cut everyone out who doesn't better you in some way. Double check.

3.  Standing up for yourself is empowering.  Like bad ass kind of empowering.

4.  People who aren't happy with themselves cannot possibly be happy with you.  Misery loves company.  Don't let them steal your happy.

5. You don't have to prove yourself to anyone. Be leery of anyone who requires too much coddling and reassurance of your friendship. It's those who continually fall for this tactic that become a toxic person's biggest victim.

6.  Eventually people see others for what they are, no matter how loud they scream.  Actions trump words.  Stay your course.  Good wins.  Good.  Always.  Wins.

October 19, 2016 by Bonnie DiCocco
Chiari Malformation Won't Stop This Girl

Chiari Malformation Won't Stop This Girl

Chiari can't stop this girl

This girl. She's so full of love and passion. She leaves things a little brighter wherever she goes!  I love seeing her passion come out on the soccer field. But each time she's on the soccer field, playing a game she loves, I’m reminded of Lucy's limitations as well. You see, sweet Lucy was diagnosed, around the age of two, with a Chiari malformation. Chiari is a type of brain malformation that can cause a range of symptoms from pain and headaches to profound disability. We are fortunate in that Lucy's symptoms are mild. She doesn't experience developmental delays or other severe symptoms. She does, however, experience headaches, numbness in her limbs, balance problems, and battles pain most every day of her life. The pain comes in the form of short, excruciating headaches and unexplained joint pain. Joint pain that occurs nearly every single time she participates in normal childhood physical activities. After running the soccer field for an hour, she comes home in pain. Some days it’s far worse than others, but after nearly every practice and game, she is in pain.  After a day at Disney World, she cries herself to sleep because her legs hurt so badly.  Seeing her in pain is excruciating to watch.  It’s not something you’re ever prepared for as a parent, no matter how many times it happens.

September was Chiari Malformation awareness month and it has taken me until the first day of October to put into words what I wanted to about Chiari. Why was it so hard to talk about? Because I hate watching my child suffer. I hate knowing there's nothing I can do to take her pain away.  Chairi makes me feel inadequate and ineffective as her protector-the one who’s supposed to take away all of her pain. All I can do is squeeze my babies head while her headaches are happening, because this is what she asks of me. All I can do is offer Tylenol and a massage while her joints are aching, all to no avail.

The silver lining here comes in the fact that Lucy doesn't let the Chiari affect her life, even in the smallest of ways. She gives 110% all of the time, and despite the inevitable pain, she still dives head first into everything that has the potential to cause her pain. Not only does she participate, but she pours her heart and soul into everything she does. If the world had a few more Lucys in it, it would be a much more beautiful place. She's not controlled by her affliction, she thrives in the face of adversity and spreads her joy to all she meets.

Chiari won't stop this girl

October 03, 2016 by Bonnie DiCocco
WHY is online boutique shopping so popular?

WHY is online boutique shopping so popular?

Thanks in part to the rise of popular online boutiques, shopping on the world wide web is quickly becoming more popular than ever before. Believe it or not, many signs indicate that online shopping clearly trumps brick and mortar shopping. Don't think these fashion & gift boutiques are dominating the retail industry? Think again.

Online Shopping Is In One Word: CONVENIENT

Online shopping is growing with raging popularity because of one main factor: convenience! You're no longer bound to store hours, drive time, parking nightmares, screaming children (OK, well, maybe the children are still screaming, but at least it's from the background and not from a shopping cart!).  And did we mention you can shop in your PJs?  Certainly, I'm not above going to the gro in my pjs, BUT at home, you get far less 'looks' when shopping in your pjs.  So, cheers to shopping in your pjs with a glass of your favorite bubbly in hand!

 Online Shopping Allows You To Compare Prices

The modern consumer prefers online shopping because it lets them quickly compare pricing on a particular item.  Cheaper cost = more shopping $! Price comparisons, before the internet, were extremely time consuming.  Now, with a few clicks of a button and our bff Google, you can compare prices and typically find free shipping within a few minutes.  Who doesn't like finding the best deals on the items you need?

You Are Provided With More Options When Shopping Online

Another reason why online shopping is rapidly becoming mainstream is because consumers like to have options when it comes to styles, sizing, colors and fit. When shopping at brick and mortar stores, buyers are only provided the items that are currently in stock.  Although many retailers now offer in-store ordering of out-of-stock items, it's simply easier to find exactly what you need online without the in-store hassle.  Many online boutiques also offer free exchange and return programs, making online shopping practically risk free!

You Can Skip The Social Interaction (ahem...Crowds) By Shopping Online

Let's be honest...some days we've simply had enough social interaction!  We don't want to see our neighbors at the store, or participate in small-talk with the cashier.  THOSE are the days I'm most thankful for online shopping!  The days where I'm able to skip right over the checkout lines and click 'purchase' from the comfort of my very own home!

I'm clearly a firm believe in the power of the click and I only see only shopping continuing to grow in popularity!  For some ultra trendy fashion and super fun gifts, head on over to Driftwood Market for a unique customer-centered shopping experience! 

September 27, 2016 by Bonnie DiCocco
Through A Child's Eyes

Through A Child's Eyes

A child's innocence, their disregard for anything other than living in the moment and their need for fun and adventure are some of the things I admire most about my children.  As we grow, we lose these things, but I pray my children retain these qualities for as long as God allows!

Peter Pan Quote

September 19, 2016 by Bonnie DiCocco
10 Ah-mazing Tailgating Treats to Celebrate National Tailgating Day

10 Ah-mazing Tailgating Treats to Celebrate National Tailgating Day


By: Semra F.C. Eichelberger

The first Saturday in September marks the start of college football season, and also happens to be National Tailgating day.

Tailgating brings friends and family together like no other pre-game activity can.

No matter your alma mater, I can guarantee that these ten tailgating dishes will score a tasty touch down in your home!

Click on the featured links to the recipes:

Football Cake Pops


Football Cake Pops - Tailgating Snacks


Peanut Butter “Buckeye” Pretzel Bites


Peanut Butter Buckeye Football Snacks

Easy potato skins


Easy Potato Skins Tailgate Food

Cowboy Caviar


Cowboy Caviar Tailgating Snack

Zucchini Parmesan Crisps


Zucchini Tailgating Chips

Bacon Cheeseburger Meatballs


Bacon Cheeseburger Meatballs -Perfect Tailgate Food

5-ingredient white queso


White Queso - only 5 ingredients

Chocolate Football Pretzel Rods


Chocolate Football Pretzel Rods - Game Day Treats

Hawaiian Ham and Cheese Sandwiches


Tailgate Sandwiches


Mini Macaroni and Cheese Bites


Mac N Cheese Bites - Tailgate Snacks

Driftwood Market is so happy to have a guest blog from Semra of Orange Blossom Lanes.  Follow her amazing work on Instagram @orangeblossomlanes or on the web

And be sure to check out all of our new collegiate items! 

September 02, 2016 by Bonnie DiCocco
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