Orlando's Favorite Gift Boutique

So, who are we? That's a great question! Let us start by telling you what we're not. We're not a large box store, automated warehouse or multi million dollar corporation. We're a small mother-daughter owned and operated business. We are located in the College Park district of downtown Orlando and couldn't be more proud to call this location home to Driftwood Market!

At Driftwood Market, we believe in honesty. We believe customer service is NOT dead. We believe we have the opportunity to show our customers what retail transactions SHOULD be like. We believe in our products, both in their quality and their value. We believe in equality and fairness and doing things the 'right' way. We believe we have an obligation to you, our customer, to provide you with the very best. Every. Single. Time. We have an undying commitment to you, our customer, because we believe in a feeling. The nostalgic feeling of shopping 'small', the good old fashioned way!

So, what sets us apart? We source local artisans and international suppliers whose products are of superior quality, a quality we're proud to sell in our hand curated collections. We want to ensure YOU'RE happy! We take pride in everything we sell and ensure 100% satisfaction. We know you have choices when shopping and we'd love to show you the hospitality of our small-town store as we greatly appreciate you choosing our small family owned boutique!

Orlando's Best Gift Boutique

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