Meet the Vendors

Meet our talented vendors and learn their stories. Winter Garden locals offer their amazing products at Driftwood Market, many of these are handmade, locally crafted. Thank you for supporting your small local businesses!



Lilly Grass and Pine



Lily Grass and Pine is run by a local mother-daughter duo. Nicole and Taylor decided to relaunch the company full-time in 2020 after their corporate jobs were negatively impacted by the pandemic. Their desire has always been to provide unique, affordable pieces for the local community and beyond. You’ll notice that their handmade cutting boards and epoxy river boards look different than what you find in typical home decor stores — This is because they use exotic hardwoods that bring unique colors and amazing quality to your home.

Each piece is made from scratch and can even have unique engraved personalization added. Reach out to them today, so they can help you create the perfect addition to your home!





We are GoPinPro®, a motivated company run by three young sibling entrepreneurs and their parents, specializing in innovative patented (Pat. 10893732), enamel pin storage and displays. We believe passionately in creating the best pin storage and display products on the market in addition to providing our customers with excellent service, this is why we commit ourselves to giving our customers the best of both worlds.

Headquartered in Winter Garden Florida, we sell PinFolios® storage and display bags along with pins customized for businesses, souvenirs, and pins for expressing your personal style. PinFolios have provided safe storage for over 6 million pins and counting. Our passion for pins makes us true PINthusiasts! We strive to be the creative minds that keep the fun in pin trading while always making the protection of your pins our priority, that’s why we create PINnovative new products for you. Let's face it, pins are expensive! Our customers have spent a lot of their hard-earned money on pins. It is our job to create products that will help protect their investment while giving them a fashionable way to express themselves through styles and color.

When we first started out, our passion for pins and being dissatisfied with any product on the market that kept our pins safe, organized, and proudly displayed, inspired us to create a better and more efficient way to pin trade and display enamel pins. GoPinPro® offers you revolutionary, US Patented Stick’N’Go™ technology with PINfinite styles to suit your needs. We serve customers all over the world and are thrilled that we are able to turn our passion into products that bring people of all ages together for pin events, family bonding time, travel, and connecting with others all while keeping their expensive pins safe and secure.

One of our favorite projects was creating pins for you to show your love for Winter Garden! We have designed pins with Winter Garden landmarks and symbols available at Driftwood Market. 

Coastal Photographics by Richmond Gibb


"I am a commercial photographer based out of Central Florida. Most of my shoots involve photographing people for advertising campaigns or editorial projects. My coastal images, however, are a pure passion project. I have had a love of the water my entire life and have spent countless hours photographing in and around the ocean. The slowdown caused by the pandemic provided an opportunity to develop the concept and launch Coastal Photographics. All Florida. All Water.

My wave images are captured off of Florida’s coast. We have beautiful coastlines, beautiful water and on occasion beautiful and incredible waves. Photographing these waves is quite the adventure. I use specialized underwater camera housings that allow me to remain completely immersed in the ocean while shooting. This allows for dynamic perspectives, unique angles and it breathes life into the images. It is an exciting way to photograph the ocean and I love every minute of it! I hope you enjoy the images as much as I enjoy making them.



“BoHo Chic” Macrame Hangers 

I am originally from the Columbus, Ohio area, where as a child I enjoyed macramé, and am now still a true child of the 70s.  Fast forward to moving to Florida in 1979 and Winter Garden in 20 years later, I found my forever city.  I was immediately taken with the downtown area, reminding me of my home town.

I’ve always been a lover of crafts and creativity and a few years ago I focused on macramé for personal gifts at Christmas for my friends and family.


Working full time remotely now I find that my off hours are spent changing up and making improvements to my 24/7 environment, and among other things I chose macramé as a creative and therapeutic outlet.  I have them hanging inside and outside my windows on Shepherd Hooks so I can enjoy them year-round.

I am thrilled to think that anyone would get pleasure out of my treasures.  Trust me when I say, a lot of love goes into them, and I was so honored to have been called a Winter Garden “Artisan” when I partnered with Driftwood Market! 



Morgana Wingate was raised in Winter Garden, where her father would often take her out of school to go ride roller coasters at one of the nearby theme parks. Morgana knew she was creative from a very early age, when she nearly ruined her mother’s carpet with some very old oil paints she found in a box in the garage. Morgana graduated from Ringling College of Art + Design in Sarasota and was named the first Trustee Scholar from the Advertising Design major. She returned to Orlando in 2012 to seek out employment at a local advertising agency, but found a home in 2015 at
Universal Orlando Resort’s in-house agency, Popcorn. Morgana has worked on many campaigns, including Universal’s Halloween Horror Nights, Annual Pass, various new attractions, and the upcoming Universal Fan Builder program.



Glittered Sawdust 


 It all started with a Cutting machine and the love of all things crafty!  I started making smaller pieces and gifts for friends and family and it really gave me an outlet to express my creativity while, at the same time, learning new things... 

My husband Carl discovered his love for woodworking as a fluke while building a bench with his dad one Sunday afternoon.  It was after that moment that we decided to make something out of our combined talents and see where it would take us... That’s how Glittered Sawdust was born... 

We wanted to have a name that somehow included both us while still being related to our craft.  I always say that he is the power tool handler (Sawdust) and then I make everything pretty (Glittered) ...

We love learning new things every day want to challenges ourselves and take this venture as far as it will take us... 

Katelin Sipe



Kate learned of her love of art very early in life. She has constantly been drawing, painting, and creating since she was a toddler. When she got married and started her own family, she knew she wanted to share her love of art with her children. Kate enjoys many different mediums such as watercolor, acrylic, and chalk and uses those mediums in many different avenues such as portraits, animals, wood slices, keychains, magnets and even outdoor art. She includes her children in many of her projects and even offers camps and workshops to continue to share her love of art with others.


       Paige Nethers is a watercolor artist and calligrapher local to Winter Garden, FL. She specializes in pet & house portraits, weddings, and home décor. When she's not painting, you can find Paige enjoying the outdoors or cuddling up for a movie with her husband, their two adorable children, and their mini-doodle Honey.

 Furniture by Anastasia.

Anastasia started painting furniture over 8 years ago as a hobby. She found her passion and a creative outlet giving an old outdate furniture a makover. Trained in multiple techniques and having an artistic eye, Anastasia can transform a piece of furniture with the customer in mind. Either you are looking for custom work, or need products for your own project, we've got you covered! 

Wise Owl Paint is a Michigan based company that has several different lines of products, such as paint for you furniture, kitchen cabinets, walls and so much more! Superior quality and safety of the products make them some of the best on the market, and we are excited to offer them in our store!




Hi! We are Sam & Sydney and most people don’t believe it but we’re sisters! We’re originally from Clermont, Florida. However, we relocated to Clarksville in Early 2020 because of military. Luckily, we get the chance to visit our childhood home often on Tailfeather Ct! Which… if you haven’t put it together just yet, this is where our name came from! That home holds so many memories and joy for us that we wanted to carry forever, even if it’s outside of those old walls haha! 


Sam is at the bottom of this photo, she’s the older one at 26. She graduated from the University of Central Florida with a Bachelor’s degree in Hospitality Management in 2019. She’s spent most of her career in food service at theme parks until relocating to Clarksville and pursuing this business. It’s been a bit of a career change for sure haha!

Sydney is at the top of the photo and the younger one at 19. She made the decision to graduate high school early and always knew that college wasn’t for her. She knew that she wanted to be an entrepreneur and do something she loves and is passionate about because her motto has always been “life is short, I don’t want to waste it”… and now with tailfeather & co, that’s exactly what she’s done! 


We grew up in a creative and hard working household and our parents always encouraged us we could do whatever we put our minds to. This led to us trying literally everything to make money so we didn’t have to work a regular 9-5 job, so from clothing businesses, flipping cheap furniture for profit, etsy sewing shops… etc! Finally, we started tailfeather & co in November of 2020. It felt right this time and we knew it would work. Sustainability is something we practice in our lives regularly and are huge advocates for saving and protecting our planet. Everything you see, from our concrete pots, to the pouring of the candles themselves, all of our packaging and designs, our website, photos, etc. has all been built by us! We take so much pride in putting out quality products that are natural and

safe. We are so happy and thankful for this journey so far and for all of you who support us! We really hope you invite tailfeather & co candles into your home!