Taggies - Sherbet Lamb Lovey

Taggies - Sherbet Lamb Lovey

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Taggies was born over a decade ago when 2 MOMS noticed their child’s fascination with satin tags. This idea blossomed into a world of treasured products. Little ones are mesmerized by rubbing these soft, satin loops. Exploring Taggies textured tags can provide tactile stimulation that babies crave for development and have an amazing calming effect on little ones.

Taggies Lovey’s are part soother, part pal. Cute character head, under stuffed bodies and weighted bum and feet. No stuffing means baby can easily hold and cuddle while the adorable face keeps baby engaged. 11"

Sherbert Lamb Lovey features embroidered sleepy eyes and floral trim.

Approx 11 inches.

Care for by washing in cold water on gentle cycle, air dry; soft toy made to strict quality standards to meet or exceed US safety requirements.