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Item Code and Description: MP2338- Moms Make Life Beautiful Look no further for a top-tier, handmade mini wooden sign for your home decor needs. Our product is crafted with quality wood sourced and made entirely in the USA. Its charming rustic aesthetic makes for the perfect addition to any farmhouse or office decor, whether it be for a personal desk sign or a small decorative piece. Ideal for gift-giving occasions like housewarming, Christmas, or Friendsgiving, or even as a thoughtful gesture to a friend, our mini wooden sign is one of the best gifts out there. Embrace the joy of giving with our mini wooden sign and bring a touch of rustic charm to your loved one's living space. Made in USA | Handmade with Quality Wood. Wooden Sign, Rustic Decor, Home Decor, House Warming Gift, Farm House, Christmas, Christmas Gift, Christmas Present, Friendsgiving, Friends Gift, Little Gifts, Gift Giving, Desk Sign, Small Decor, Decor, Office Decor