Elderberry Immune Support: Honey Free

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Elderberries are the second highest antioxidant fruit and have powerful immune boosting, anti-inflammatory effects. Antioxidants help fight free radicals in our bodies by stopping them from forming harmful groups that destroy healthy cells. By adding antioxidant rich vitamin c and anti-inflammatory herbs alongside our elderberries, this multi functional tonic has proven successful in preventing and combating sickness and seasonal allergies. To use: shake well. Adults take 1–2 tablespoons daily. Children (ages 1 plus) take 1–2 teaspoons daily. At the onset of symptoms or exposure to illness, take every 2–3 hours. (children under the age of 1 should not ingest honey.) after opening, refrigerate and use within 2–3 months. REGULAR ELDERBERRY INGREDIENTS: PURIFIED WATER, ORGANIC DRIED ELDERBERRIES, RAW HONEY, ORGANIC LEMON JUICE, ORGANIC GINGER ROOT POWDER, ORGANIC VITAMIN C (L-ASCORBIC ACID), ORGANIC CINNAMON POWDER, ORGANIC CLOVE POWDER Dimension: 16 oz, 2.9" x 6.6" x 2.9".