Welcome Beware Wigglebutts - Porch Board™ PB1: 8" Wide x 46.5" tall / Made in the USA! / 100% Weatherproof Material

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The Original Porch Board™ is the Weatherproof welcome board that started it all! Made of a special weatherproof composite, they are weatherproof and fade-proof for use year after year! A rope hanger on the back allows the Porch Boards to be hung by a door or entry or they can be leaned up against a railing or wall, etc. Free displays are available. NOTE: Porch Boards™ ship in cases of 8 assorted boards. Please order a total of 8, 16, 24, 32 etc. • Attractive, wood textured surface • Beautiful fade-proof designs • Durable for use year after year • The Original - Made in the USA! Description tags: Porch Board, greeting, leaner, welcome, décor, weatherproof, fade-proof, rope hanger, outdoor, porch, deck, patio, entrance, entryway, front door, rustic, pawprint, pets, dogs, animals, animal lover