The Art of Mixology: Mocktails Recipe Book

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From the creators of the best-selling and classic favorite The Art of Mixology cocktail book comes our Mocktails recipe book. A mocktail is the perfect choice for the sober-curious, expectant mothers, those with an alcohol-free lifestyle, and anyone just looking for an alternative to booze! These creative beverage recipes blend flavors that are perfect for every season. Learn the techniques a skilled mixologist keeps in their arsenal, and stir up some truly delicious flavors focused around fresh ingredients and healthy living. From shrub syrups and fruit cordials to iced teas and smoothies, these mocktails will keep your taste buds stimulated. And with recipes like Sangria Seca to Virgin Ginger Fizz, your parties will be full of sparkle! Explore the chemistry of cocktails and mocktails with The Art of Mixology. Become your own bartender and create new, delicious concoctions using the best of traditional and contemporary recipes. Have fun and make yourself a drink!