Sugar Cubes - Cranberry Craze

Sugar Cubes - Cranberry Craze

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Cranberry infused sugar cubes. 30 count. Beautiful and all natural sugar cubes are sure to sweeten up any cocktail, tea, or sparkling beverage of your choice!

A perfect addition to your home bar and great for all occasions including high tea, brunch, picnics, birthdays, weddings, baby showers, bridal showers, and more. 2-3 sugar cubes muddled into your glass or cup will create the prefect instant cocktail or enhanced beverage.

These are great with champagne, white wine, recommended spirits, tea, sparkling water and more! No more chasers, with instant sweet sips! Made in small batches from pure sugar cane and all natural ingredients. The sugars are non-perishable and don't expire.

For best care, keep them in a cool, dry space away from humidity, spices, and fragranced items, as they will absorb unwanted scents. Also, do not expose your sugars to direct sunlight for long periods as the color and flavor may fade over time.