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Laundry - Eco Egg Detox Tabs

$ 6.99

Brand Driftwood Market - Gift | Home | Garden

Before using the ecoegg Laundry Egg, we recommend giving your washing machine a good clean with the Detox Tablets.

If you’ve previously used liquid or powder detergent and fabric conditioner, there will be a build-up in your machine pipes that sometimes causes nasty odors. Before using the Laundry Egg, which does not contain harsh chemicals, it is good to thoroughly clean your machine.

It is recommend to detox your machine every 6 months. This ensures your washing machine stays clean, and your Laundry Egg is as effective as possible, continuing to leave your clothes smelling fresh

The Detox Tablets contain no harsh chemicals so are kind to the environment and having a clean machine means that it functions more effectively.

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