Home Decor Small Faith Based Sign, Office or Desk Sign

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Item Code: MP2240-INSPIRE Description: "Always With You" - 3x3 Handcrafted Wood Block Infuse a touch of motivation into your surroundings with our petite signature signs. Perfectly sized for desks, shelves, or a sunny windowsill, these mini-signs serve as gentle daily reminders. Crafted with care in our Laurel, Mississippi warehouse, each 3x3 wooden block combines contemporary flair with a rustic touch, effortlessly elevating any space. Let these signs be your daily dose of inspiration. Proudly Made in the USA | Expertly Handcrafted with Premium Wood. Ideal for: Home Enhancement, Thoughtful Gifts, Christmas Presents, Office Touch-Ups, Housewarmings, Special Occasions. Dive into a blend of charm and modern aesthetics.