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Gentry's Sauces

$ 8.50

Brand Driftwood Market - Gift | Home | Garden

- Tenne-Sweet Memphis BBQ Sauce | Tennessee is home to some of the best BBQ in the United States. Gentry's Tenne~Sweet BBQ Sauce is thick and sweet and inspired from the BBQ mecca of Memphis! Glaze your ribs like never before or just add a little to pulled pork or smoked chicken! Enjoy!

- Bird on FIRE Wing Sauce | Bird on Fire is a perfectly balanced wing sauce crafted for those who like a little bit of sweet and a little more heat! Take your wings and buffalo chicken sandwiches to the next level with Bird on Fire! You've never had wing sauce this good!

Cakalacki Gold Mustard Sauce |  has a distinct and bold flavor and can be used in a variety of ways. It's great as a traditional sauce on all of your BBQ favorites like beef brisket, chicken and pulled pork. You can also enjoy it as a condiment for pretzels, veggies and everything in between.

- Tenne-Sweet HEAT | If you've got a tolerance for hot sauces, you're gonna love the flavors in this one! Sweet up front with an addictive kick that will get you comin' back for more! Enjoy!

All in 21oz plastic bottles.

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