Coaster I've got the body of a god. Unfortunately its Buddha

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Coaster enthusiasts, rejoice! Our funny drink coasters are the BEST quality coasters made in the country. Coaster lovers will adore our table-protecting, laughter-inducing drink coasters, crafted from natural limestone and solid cork backing. These coasters guarantee table safety and funny coaster fun! Funny coasters are perfect for parties, making guests LOL with every coaster they use. Our drink coasters are environmentally friendly, free of plastics and resins. Coasters absorb condensation on contact, showcasing our coasters' practicality and humor. Our Coasters provide the perfect blend of protection and laughter. Coasters effectively safeguard your surfaces from spills, all while enlivening your surroundings with a wide range of hilarious quotes and sayings. From drinking-related humor to sarcastic witticisms, our coaster collection spans over 300 unique designs to cater to every sense of humor. Coasters are true conversation starters, becoming an extension of your personal styl