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Artisan Workshop - DIY Soap & Bath Bombs | Driftwood Market

$ 60.00

Searching for the perfect all natural bath products? Let us teach you how to create your own! This workshops teaches the basics of soap & bath bomb making, using all natural ingredients. Using our luxurious triple butter soap base, coupled with your creativity, you will add your very own blend of fragrance, color and garnish, leaving you with soaps so gorgeous you'll {almost} hate to use them! 
In addition to creating your own boutique style soaps, you'll also learn how to create all natural bath bombs. These bath bombs add the perfect amount of moisture to your bath, while allowing you to relax in your choice of aromatherapy scents. 
Cost of the class is $60 for one and $110 for two and includes all soap and bath bomb making materials plus a complimentary glass of wine. 
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