You Won't Believe How Much Money Fashion Bloggers Are Making!

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Every era has its fashion icons from Edie Sedgwick in the 1960s to Blondie in the 1980s, both of which became {major} household names.  Remember Cindy Crawford and Naomi Campbell of the 90s?  But, where are the fashion icons of today?  Perhaps we're entering the age of digital superstars?  An age where notoriety is gained by the ability to showcase flashy photos and videos of trending fashion? We very well might be!  Enter---> Today's fashion bloggers!

Fashion bloggers have been on the rise for quite some time now and are forever changing the way we see and understand the fashion industry. By combining online and offline worlds, fashion bloggers are, themselves, building brands akin to online superstars.

Bloggers, particularly fashion bloggers, summon tremendous followings, making them celebrities of sorts, endorsing products, hosting events, speaking at public events and even making TV appearances on behalf of their brand partners. Additionally, many bloggers are making extra green on every one of the items and brands they promote on their blog through affiliate link programs. That means that each and every time you purchase a product they feature on their blog, they're getting a small kick back as a token of the brand's appreciation.  Well known bloggers have alluded to the fact that they make a 7 figure income, from blogging alone.  Turns out, it might be truth!  So, exactly what amount of dough are fashion bloggers rolling in? The answer is absolutely mind blowing!

 "A blogger with a bigger audience, and prominent persona, she'll make the bulk of her income from brand partnerships," says Vanessa Flaherty, Vice President of Brand Development at DBA.   As indicated by Flaherty, a blogger could be paid anywhere between "$2,000 for a small-scale one-off gig" (like hosting a party, or writing advertorial) to "six figures" for a longer partnership, like "a year-long ambassadorship or major full-scale advertising campaign." Obviously, not each blogger summons that sort of cash, and although "the six figure deals are more rare, they're definitely happening," Flaherty says. [Thanks,!]

Let's use a common blogger income of $60K a month from advertising and affiliate links, add a few appearances and events, plus a few brand partnerships, you could easily attain $1M a year.  Yes, folks, that's one million plus!  Fashion blogging is here to stay and it's estimated that these figures will only continue to rise.

Still longing to be the next top blogger?  You might want to keep your day job.  Enter these muddy waters if and only if you're extremely patient and competitive, willing to compete with hundreds of thousand of other bloggers and put in the extremely time consuming work building your empire.  It takes skill and a whole lot of luck to succeed in this space!


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