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Thanks in part to the rise of popular online boutiques, shopping on the world wide web is quickly becoming more popular than ever before. Believe it or not, many signs indicate that online shopping clearly trumps brick and mortar shopping. Don't think these fashion & gift boutiques are dominating the retail industry? Think again.

Online Shopping Is In One Word: CONVENIENT

Online shopping is growing with raging popularity because of one main factor: convenience! You're no longer bound to store hours, drive time, parking nightmares, screaming children (OK, well, maybe the children are still screaming, but at least it's from the background and not from a shopping cart!).  And did we mention you can shop in your PJs?  Certainly, I'm not above going to the gro in my pjs, BUT at home, you get far less 'looks' when shopping in your pjs.  So, cheers to shopping in your pjs with a glass of your favorite bubbly in hand!

 Online Shopping Allows You To Compare Prices

The modern consumer prefers online shopping because it lets them quickly compare pricing on a particular item.  Cheaper cost = more shopping $! Price comparisons, before the internet, were extremely time consuming.  Now, with a few clicks of a button and our bff Google, you can compare prices and typically find free shipping within a few minutes.  Who doesn't like finding the best deals on the items you need?

You Are Provided With More Options When Shopping Online

Another reason why online shopping is rapidly becoming mainstream is because consumers like to have options when it comes to styles, sizing, colors and fit. When shopping at brick and mortar stores, buyers are only provided the items that are currently in stock.  Although many retailers now offer in-store ordering of out-of-stock items, it's simply easier to find exactly what you need online without the in-store hassle.  Many online boutiques also offer free exchange and return programs, making online shopping practically risk free!

You Can Skip The Social Interaction (ahem...Crowds) By Shopping Online

Let's be honest...some days we've simply had enough social interaction!  We don't want to see our neighbors at the store, or participate in small-talk with the cashier.  THOSE are the days I'm most thankful for online shopping!  The days where I'm able to skip right over the checkout lines and click 'purchase' from the comfort of my very own home!

I'm clearly a firm believe in the power of the click and I only see only shopping continuing to grow in popularity!  For some ultra trendy fashion and super fun gifts, head on over to Driftwood Market for a unique customer-centered shopping experience! www.driftwoodmarket.net 

September 27, 2016 by Bonnie DiCocco

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