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by Michelle Heim
My Little Distressed Life

I always struggle with getting just the right look for the centerpiece on my dining room table.  Candles, faux floral arrangements, and table runners are always a great place to start.  For most families the dining room is either a staple space in the home or it becomes just another room to dust.  In my previous house, we never--NOT EVER-- used our dining room table.  The only action the table saw was my children scurrying under the legs and using the space as a tunnel.  In my new house, I have a kitchen that opens into the dining room (and we still don't use it). Where do we eat you ask?  Well I am usually standing eating whatever is left over on my kids’ plates and my husband usually just snacks.  I never claimed to have a completely functional family life.  But one of my New Year’s Resolutions was to make more family time.  Since I need a dining room table that is both functional and mostly informal, I was desperately looking for something that I could use on the table that we didn't have to move every single time we ate.  In my designs, I always strive for two things: form and function.  I hate spending a ton of money on decor...I do have toddlers and I get tired of things very quickly.  After searching for a month, yielding zero results, I decided I was just going to make a simple wood box for the dining room table which would allow me to change the contents and the look seasonally.  This piece is one you can size to fit your table and it costs next to nothing to make.  This DIY centerpiece box is the perfect easy-to-make versatile project this weekend!


Unfinished 1” pine board

Wood Stain

Cotton rag


Tools Needed:

Saw (or use your local Lowe's or Home Depot's free cutting service!!)

Measuring Tape

Nails or Nail Gun

Wood Glue (optional)


As Shown:

3 wood pieces cut to - 1” x 6”wide x 27” length (Home Depot sells 1”x 6” in various lengths)

2 wood pieces cut to - 1”x 6”wide x 7” length

First determine the length and height of the box.  Laying the measuring tape on the table to visualize the length is helpful.  Once you have determined the appropriate length, do the same for the width.  Remember you will be adding on 3/4 inch to each side lengthwise and to the width when you put the ends and sides of the box on so when you are measuring take into consideration those 1.5 inches).  Measure your wood and using a pencil make your cut marks.  First cut the 3 pieces you will use for the sides and for the bottom.  

DIY Table Centerpiece

Now that you have have cut three pieces that are equal in length, place two pieces upright on the table to make sure that the length will work.  Use this to also verify the width of your centerpiece box as well. If all looks good measure and cut the two small end pieces. Sand all edges.  

Farmouse DIY Distressed Centerpiece

The first piece you will need is the bottom piece, one of the three long pieces.  Use a little line of wood glue on the edges of the piece to help hold the wood together if your cuts are not 100% straight (optional).  Use a hammer and nails or a nail gun to secure the sides of the box to the bottom.  Three or four finishing nails spaced evenly should work.  You will now take the two smallest pieces and add the pieces to the ends (again, optional line of wood glue down the sides of the wood lengths) Secure the two sides with 2 finishing nails evenly spaced on each side--6 nails total for each end.   Super easy right!?

Unfinished Pine Box

With your box complete, you will use a cotton rag to apply the wood stain, following the directions on your specific stain.  Be sure to not use too much stain on the rag.  Raw wood soaks up the stain quickly and any drops or streaks will soak into the wood and may appear after the stain dries.  Stain the inside and outside, even the bottom of the wooden centerpiece box.  Allow the box to dry for 24 hours before placing the box on your table.  

Dining Room Table Centerpiece Do It Yourself

March 12, 2017 by Bonnie DiCocco

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