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10 Best Teacher's Gifts | Gifts Your Child's Teacher {REALLY} Wants

'Teacher Appreciation' weeks around the nation are slated for the next few weeks as is the rapidly approaching {like a freight train for many!} end of the school year.  {Who's already booked summer camps?!?!}  Both occasions are very worthy of rewarding your child's teacher for their time spent with your little booger (errrrr, ummmm, I mean, angel?).  Who are we kidding, every day is a good day to reward anyone who spends 7+ hours a day in a classroom full of energy-filled kiddos, am I right?

So, lets talk about what teachers {REALLY} want.  Gone are the days of apples, fruit baskets and home made cards.  Kidding!  Home made cards are totally OK...as long as they accompany some form of alcoholic beverage. 

Below, you'll find some fun suggestions for unique gifts as well as completely free {yet non-homemade} gifts...# 10 is my personal fave!


Our #1 pick...Practicality! 

Tote bags are not only functional in the classroom, but in you teacher's every day life as well.

Teacher Superpower Tote

 #2  Sentiment! 

Thank them from the bottom of your heart.  All kidding aside, they have one of the hardest jobs on the planet.

 I Love My Teacher Sign

#3  Show them the dough! 

Don't go rogue here, but if you know your teacher's favorite store or restaurant, splurge and buy them a gift card (or organize a class gift card) to their favorite spot.



#4  School spirit!

Personalize a bag or mug with your teacher's name and school.  Doubles as: Practicality!

 Monogrammed Bag 


#5  The gift of caffeine!

Know your teacher is a coffee lover?  Personalize a mug and help her power through the tough days.

 Coffee mug with big read apple and teacher's name/school

*Bonus points for a Starbucks gift card stuffed inside the mug!



#6  Precious jewels! 

Have a fashionable teacher?  Buy her a piece of fashion jewelry to accent her wardrobe.  You don't have to break the bank…

Florida Cuff 

#7  Throwback to their alma mater! 

Find out where they went to school and purchase them a collegiate gift...shirts, hats, or something stunning like framed college campus art.



#8  Personalization!

So, who doesn't love a good monogram?  The possibilities here are endless like this family travel map below!

 Family Travel Map


Running low on funds for a gift?  Write a letter to your school's administration as well as the county office telling them why your child's teacher is the best!



Looking for another FREE teacher's gift? Teach your child to be respectful!  A kind, respectful child who works quietly and stays on task is one of the greatest assets to a classroom.  Your child's teacher will certainly thank YOU for this gift!  


Thank you for taking a look at Driftwood Market's 2016 guide to the best teacher's gifts! Head on over to www.driftwoodmarket.net and use code TEACH2016 for 10% off! 



April 13, 2016 by Bonnie DiCocco

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